Resource Talk on Clinical Practice of Sowa-Rigpa At Men-Tsee-Khang Sowa-Rigpa Medical College Dharamsala

On the request from Men-Tsee-Khang Sowa Rigpa Medical College & Hospital, Dr. Yangchen Dolkar, who is currently a senior practitioner in Portland, Oregon State of US, delivered an insightful talk on her experiences and anecdotes garnered through her clinical practices for the past three decades. All the students and faculties of the College attended the talk with much excitement and interest on the afternoon of 14th July, 2023 at the College Hall.

Dr. Dolkar started her talk with an emphasis on the importance of giving enough time to the patients on an appointment basis to generate a genuine connection, respect, and trust. Secondly, the essentiality of keeping the patient’s information including their identity confidential even amongst one family member was highlighted. Furthermore, she stressed upon how dietary counseling and lifestyle guidelines could play a pivotal role in achieving preventive health care rather than directly seeking medication. She further reiterated the importance of memorization as one of the essential study methods in traditional Tibetan Medicine education set up and advised the students to accept all the challenges and overcome them with humility, determination, and dedication. Of note, she also expressed deep admiration to all the medical students for their enthusiasm and shared the necessity of discussion amongst them, as well as to take the opportunity to learn from other practitioners available in the vicinity for a thorough understanding of the varied fields of Sowa-Rigpa. Toward the end, a few students also expressed their individual stories and interacted with the speaker thereby having instilled the need for strong determination and hard work in their learning journey.