The aim of the museum is to preserve all invaluable collection of medical and astro-science thangka paintings (scrolls), collection of old and rare art objects of medical therapeutic instruments and rare medical and astro-science text. Tibetan Astro-science related texts, graphs, various instruments such as Sashong (Traditional Sand Board Calculator), Thurma, almanacs, and the wheel of elemental properties and directional positions, thangka paintings include the Universe model, Kalachakra deity, principal and important Shambala kings, lineage holders of the Elemental Astrology and Phugpa tradition are displayed.

Medicine and medicinal plants thangka paintings (Scrolls), known as Men-Thang in Tibetan illustrates the fundamentals of practice and treatment as found in the fundamental Tibetan medical text Gyushi, the four tantras. These paintings were used to teach and study medicine and were drawn based on pre-existing medical paintings developed by the two Tibetan medical schools, Jang-pa and Zurkar.

The museum displays old Tibetan medical texts, photos of the development of the Institute from early 1960s, handmade tools used for preparation of medicine, medical instruments (golden needle, bronze cupping, forceps, and surgical spoons). Sample of herbs, plants, rocks, salts, minerals and manufactured medicine such as pills, powders and precious pills with vivid captions describing their medicinal usages, botanical name, altitude, the parts used in Tibetan medicine, their tastes, nature and uses are also explained.