First Visitation to (AMRU) University after College Affiliation and  NCISM Grant Permission

According to the Tibetan Calendar, November 15, 2022, is the 22 day of the 9th lunar month, or Lhabab Duchen (the descent of Buddha from the Trayastrimsa heaven to the earth). Under the coordination of the Honorable Director of Men-Tsee-Khang Medical and Astro-Science Institute Mr. Thupten Tsering-la, College Principal Dr. Ngawang Soepa Bhutia, Registrar Dr. Namdol Lhamo, and faculty Dr. Sonam Dolkar Oshoe have paid the first visitation to Atal Medical College and Research University (AMRU) as representative of our College Council after affiliation. They have discussed with Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Surendar Kashyap and Registrar Mr. Amar Negi HPAS about the NCISM Grant Permission granted to the Men-Tsee-Khang Sowa-Rigpa Medical College & Hospital and requested further guidance from the University.